Juan Antonio Guerrero Ibáñez

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Background Cyclosporin is a calcineurin inhibitor widely used in renal transplant patients to prevent organ rejection. Several position papers have been published but no reports on the practical experience in pediatric patients undergoing conversion between cyclosporin innovator and generic products are available. Objective To evaluate the pharmacokinetics(More)
BACKGROUND Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD) is a frequent and severe Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated complication in transplant recipients that is caused by suppression of T-cell function. OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the diagnostic value of EBV DNA load in non-fractionated whole blood samples (n = 297) from 110 pediatric transplant(More)
The effect of chronic alcoholism on neuronal nuclear size and neuronal population of two memory-related diencephalic centres, the mammillary body and the anterior thalamic complex, has been examined in 24 chronic male alcoholics and 22 age-matched male controls. Cases were subdivided into three age groups (30-44 years, 45-59 years and 60-75 years). The(More)
In this paper we propose the application of intelligent agents in traffic-lights, for the road control of urban transit in the city of Colima, México; using a multi-agent approach for dynamic urban traffic-lights system coordination that relies on locally available traffic data and the traffic condition of the neighboring intersections. According to(More)
Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) are currently in everyone's mouth when talking about future technologies that will be implemented in the automotive industry. In the last years the IEEE group has been working in the development of a standard for vehicular communications, this standard is the 802.11p. Most research work in this area has focused on(More)
Heterogeneous wireless access networks (HWAN) will create a market for the delivery of an extensive collection of novel and attractive services and contents. Accounting and pricing the ubiquitous services will play a key role from both service providers and users point of view. By one hand, wireless service providers (WSP) look for the maximum revenue and(More)
The effect of short-term ethanol intoxication in systems implicated in memory and other cognitive functions in rats has been assessed by studying the variation in the karyometry of the neurons in the different layers of the lateral entorhinal cortex. The analysis showed that short-term ethanol consumption produced a reduction in the nuclear area of neurons(More)
The effect of chronic alcoholism in the neuronal nuclear area (karyometry) of the lateral entorhinal cortex at three rostro-caudal levels (rostral, intermediate and caudal) has been studied in 19 alcoholic subjects and in 15 aged-matched controls. Cases were distributed into three groups according to their age (29-44, 45-60 and 61-70 years of age). In the(More)