Juan Antonio García-Fernández

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OBJECTIVE To assess whether, following a right-hemisphere stroke, the combined administration of computer-based cognitive rehabilitation and right hemifield eye-patching in patients with visuo-spatial neglect is more effective than computer-based cognitive rehabilitation alone. METHODS Twelve patients were randomized into two treatment groups: a single(More)
BACKGROUND Visuo-spatial neglect predicts longer hospitalization, poorer recovery of motor skills and greater functional limitation. The aim of the present study was to analyze whether the combined administration of computerized cognitive rehabilitation with right hemifield eye-patching in patients with left spatial neglect following a right hemisphere(More)
INTRODUCTION Tham and Tegner proposed the Baking Tray Task (BTT) as a fast simple assessment test for detecting spatial negligence. However, very few studies have examined its validity as a diagnostic test. AIM To analyse the diagnostic validity of the BTT by measuring its specificity and sensitivity in a sample of subjects with right hemisphere strokes.(More)
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