Juan Antonio Belmonte

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A case of rostrocaudal progression of adrenoleukodystrophy presented with hyperintense signal intensity bilaterally in the frontal lobe on MR images obtained with long repetition times and peripheral rim enhancement on postcontrast MR images obtained with short repetition times.
– 2 – We report the detection of a transiting Jupiter-sized planet orbiting a relatively bright (V = 11.79) K0V star. We detected the transit light-curve signature in the course of the TrES multi-site transiting planet survey, and confirmed the planetary nature of the companion via multicolor photometry and precise radial velocity measurements. We designate(More)
We report on H-band ground-based observations of a transit of the hot Neptune GJ 436b. Once combined to achieve an equivalent sampling as archived observations taken with Spitzer, our measurements reach comparable precision levels. We analyze both sets of observations in a consistent way, and measure the rate of orbital inclination change to be of 0.02±0.04(More)
Aims. The aim of this work is a detailed analysis of transit light curves from TrES-1 and TrES-2, obtained over a period of three to four years, in order to search for variabilities in observed mid-transit times and to set limits for the presence of additional third bodies. Methods. Using the IAC 80cm telescope, we observed transits of TrES-1 and TrES-2(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite lack of proven effectiveness and its potential to cause severe burns, steam inhalation therapy (SIT) is still used as a treatment for benign respiratory conditions. OBJECTIVE To characterize cases of burns related to steam inhalation therapy (BRSIT) in order to formulate appropriate preventive criteria. PATIENTS AND METHODS A review(More)
The activities related to the preparation of the asteroseismic, photometric space mission COROT are described. Photoelectric observations, wide–field CCD photometry, uvbyβ calibrations and further time–series have been obtained at different observatories and telescopes. They have been planned to complete the COROT programme in the direction of the galactic(More)
An overview is given over the Permanent All Sky Survey (PASS) experiment, currently being developed at the IAC. The primary goal of PASS is the detection of all transiting giant planets in the entire sky, with periods up to several weeks, and with a completeness magnitude of the central star of 10-11. The survey would also allow the pursuing a variety of(More)
In this contribution, we study the different stellar configurations that can produce signals resembling those produced by a transiting planet. We list several strategies to recognize these false alarms. For the most common configurations , we delineate which of these strategies are able to detect them. The case of an eclipsing binary of similar components,(More)
The incidence of the Reye syndrome in Spain has been retrospectively reviewed from 1980 to 1984. A survey of 57 cases has been available to study. It is pointed out the low frequency (0.12/10(5) 15 years); the low mean age (12 month) due to a higher prevalence in infants; the high mortality rate (49%), proportional to the great number of III and IV(More)