Juan Angel Sans

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The ESRF synchrotron beamline ID22, dedicated to hard X-ray microanalysis and consisting of the combination of X-ray fluorescence, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, diffraction and 2D/3D X-ray imaging techniques, is one of the most versatile instruments in hard X-ray microscopy science. This paper describes the present beamline characteristics, recent(More)
Angle-dispersive X-ray diffraction measurements have been performed in acanthite, Ag(2)S, up to 18 GPa in order to investigate its high-pressure structural behavior. They have been complemented by ab initio electronic structure calculations. From our experimental data, we have determined that two different high-pressure phase transitions take place at 5 and(More)
This paper reports on the pressure dependence of the optical absorption edge of ZnO in the wurtzite and rock-salt phase, up to 14 GPa. Both vapor-phase monocrystals and pulsed-laser-deposition thin films have been investigated. In both types of samples the wurtzite to rock-salt transition is observed at 9.7G0.2 GPa. The absorption tail of the fundamental(More)
Direct evidence is reported of structural and electronic effects induced on a single Bi(2)Sr(2)CaCu(2)O(8+delta) (Bi-2212) whisker during a progressive annealing process. The crystal was investigated by micro X-ray diffraction (micro-XRD), micro X-ray fluorescence and electrical characterization at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, during a(More)
This work reports the structural and vibrational properties of nanocrystals of corundum-type In2O3 (rh-In2O3) at high pressures by using angle-dispersive x-ray diffraction and Raman scattering measurements up to 30 GPa. The equation of state and the pressure dependence of the Raman-active modes of the corundum phase in nanocrystals are in good agreement(More)
We report an experimental and theoretical high-pressure study of the vibrational properties of synthetic monoclinic bismuth oxide (α-Bi(2)O(3): ), also known as mineral bismite. The comparison of Raman scattering measurements and theoretical lattice-dynamics ab initio calculations is key to understanding the complex vibrational properties of bismite. On one(More)
We investigate the lattice dynamical and dielectric properties of MgO single crystals and powders by measurements in the mid- and far-infrared frequency region under high pressures, ranging up to 21.7 GPa. The shift of the restrahlen region is used to determine the pressure dependence of the transverse and longitudinal optical modes. The analysis of the(More)
A comparative study of the composition and microstructure of two different brass alloys from reed pipes, one from a Spanish baroque organ and the other from a modern one, was carried out. This study allowed us to determine the procedure followed to produce the brass used to make ancient reed pipes. Moreover the distribution and correlation of lead and other(More)
This study reports the experimental characterization of the hydrostatic properties of arsenolite (As4O6), a molecular solid which is one of the softest minerals in the absence of hydrogen bonding. The high compressibility of arsenolite and its stability up to 15 GPa have been proved by x-ray diffraction measurements, and the progressive loss of(More)
Theoretically core-multishell nanowires under a cross-section of hexagonal geometry should exhibit peculiar confinement effects. Using a hard X-ray nanobeam, here we show experimental evidence for carrier localization phenomena at the hexagon corners by combining synchrotron excited optical luminescence with simultaneous X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.(More)