Juan Amiguet-Vercher

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In the field of e-science stream data processing is common place facilitating sensor networks, in particular for prediction and supporting decision making. However, sensor data may be erroneous, like e.g. due to measurement errors (outliers) or changes of the environment. While it can be foreseen that there will be outliers, there are a lot of environmental(More)
Modern animation packages provide partial automation of action between key frames. However the creation of scenes involving many interacting characters still requires most of the work to be hand-done by animators and any automatic behavior in the animation sequence tends to be hard-wired and lacking autonomy. This paper describes our " FreeWill " prototype(More)
—To facilitate the sharing and re-use of data in scientific studies we propose an automated technique for annotating operation results. The annotated output has to preserve, as much as possible, the properties of the input annotations. The preservation of properties is achieved by taking into account operation properties. Property preservation is evaluated(More)
—Scientific data are often annotated based on their properties, which are not maintained during further data processing. Not maintaining annotations results in loss of information. Decisions made on such incomplete information may be wrong. In this paper the problem of propagating annotations along a data processing chain is formulated. In particular, an(More)
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