Juan Alemany

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This paper considers the implementation of non-blocking concurrent objects on shared-memory multiprocessors. Real multiprocessors have properties not present in theoretical models; these properties can be exploited to design non-blocking protocols that are more efficient in practice than those allowed by theoretical models. These new protocols rely on the(More)
We address the problem of assigning blocks of video streams to disks in News on Demand video servers. Speci cally, given the common assumption that video streams are striped across the disks, we consider how to map successive blocks to disks to maximize performance. Our work begins by noting that the commonly proposed round-robin assignment, in which(More)
The goal of the research described in this paper is the design of a system to automatically extract information from paper-based maps and answer queries related to spatial features and structure of geographic data. The foundation to such a system is a set of image analysis algorithms to extract spatial features from images of paperbased maps. Efficient(More)
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