Juan A. Navas-Cortés

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Severity of Verticillium wilt in olive trees in Andalusia, southern Spain is associated with the spread of a highly virulent, defoliating (D) Verticillium dahliae pathotype of vegetative(More)
The development of Verticillium wilt epidemics in olive cv. Arbequina was studied from November 1999 to May 2003 in a drip-irrigated, nontillage orchard established in a soil without a history of the(More)
BACKGROUND Fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris, a main threat to global chickpea production, is managed mainly by resistant cultivars whose efficiency is curtailed by Fusarium(More)
The use of resistant cultivars is one of the most practical and cost-efficient strategies for managing plant diseases. However, the efficiency of resistant cultivars in disease management is limited(More)