Juan A. Tapia

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—Traction motor design significantly differs from industrial machine design. The starting point is the load cycle instead of the steady-state rated operation point. The speed of the motor varies from zero to very high speeds. At low speeds, heavy overloading is used for starting, and the field-weakening region also plays an important role. Finding a(More)
A fundamental problem in neurophysiology is the understanding of neuronal mechanisms by which the central nervous system produces a sequence of voluntary or involuntary motor acts from a diverse repertory of movements. These kinds of transitions between motor acts are extremely complex; however, they could be analyzed in a more simple form in decerebrate(More)
—Armature-reaction-compensated permanent-magnet synchronous generators are a particular type of hybrid excitation synchronous generators, where the main flux is created by the permanent magnets and the field winding is needed only to compensate the armature reaction. This paper studies the feasibility of an armature-reaction-compensated permanent magnet(More)
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