Juan A. Suárez-Romero

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Intrusion detection is a problem that has attracted a great deal of attention from computer scientists recently, due to the exponential increase in computer attacks in recent years. DARPA KDD Cup 99 is a standard dataset for classifying computer attacks, to which several machine learning techniques have been applied. In this paper, we describe the results(More)
Mozart/Oz is an advanced development platform for intelligent, distributed, powerful and highly functional applications, developed under the European ACCLAIM project. The platform at present lacks a tool for agent communications based on a standard such as ACL-FIPA or KQML. In this work, a tool for agent communication in Mozart/Oz based on KQML has been(More)
In this article, two new implementations for behaviours in JADE are presented. These new behaviours, while being able to reproduce the functioning of the old JADE's behaviours, allow the user to define priorities. This fact is of vital importance for several multiagent applications. Finally, a test was developed to show that the performance of the new(More)
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