Juan A. Oliver

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Inductive signals cause conversion of mesenchyme into epithelia during the formation of many organs. Yet a century of study has not revealed the inducing molecules. Using a standard model of induction, we found that ureteric bud cells secrete factors that convert kidney mesenchyme to epithelia that, remarkably, then form nephrons. Purification and(More)
Thrombin can activate factor XI in the presence of dextran sulfate or sulfatides. However, a physiological cofactor for thrombin activation of factor XI has not been identified. We examined this question in a cell-based, tissue factor-initiated model system. In the absence of factor XII, factor XI enhanced thrombin generation in this model. The effect on(More)
To determine whether adult kidney papillary label-retaining cells (pLRCs) are specialized precursors, we analyzed their transcription profile. Among genes overexpressed in pLRCs, we selected candidate genes to perform qPCR and immunodetection of their encoded proteins. We found that Zfyve27, which encodes protrudin, identified a subpopulation of pLRCs. With(More)
Vasopressin is becoming a widely used pressor in conditions with severe hypotension. Like several other hormones important in cardiovascular and extracellular fluid control, however, vasopressin can activate several receptors that when pharmacologically or pathologically stimulated may result in conflicting effects. In the present issue of Critical Care,(More)
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