Juan A Muntaner

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BACKGROUND Renal artery stenosis (RAS) is one of the main causes of secondary systemic arterial hypertension. Several non-invasive diagnostic methods for RAS have been used in hypertensive patients, such as color Doppler ultrasound (US). The aim of this study was to assess the sensitivity and specificity of a new renal Doppler US direct-method parameter:(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the use of heparin, aspirin, and other antiplatelet agents, acute coronary syndrome patients without ST-segment elevation remain at risk of cardiovascular thrombotic events. Given the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of arterial thrombosis, we tested the hypothesis that the combination of meloxicam, a preferential COX-2 inhibitor,(More)
BACKGROUND The internal mammary artery (IMA) used in bypass coronary surgery remains efficient for a longer time than other grafts, such as saphenous veins; however, its biological characteristics are incompletely defined. OBJECTIVE To compare in IMA grafts from hypertensive (HT) and normotensive (NT) patients the presence of endothelium and their(More)
Introduction Cyclooxygenase-1 [COX-1, prostaglandin synthase] catalyses the transformation of arachidonic acid to the unstable intermediate prostaglandin PGH2. Subsequently, thromboxane synthase acts on PGH2 to form TXA2, a transient biological product that induces platelet aggregation and is a powerful vasoconstrictor. Aspirin acts primarily by interfering(More)
Intracoronary thrombus formation results from the combined effects of platelet aggregation and fibrin formation. Fibrinogen plays a significant role in each of these components. Dethrombosis is a therapeutic approach that allows dissolution of a recent thrombus while avoiding the potent fibrinolytic therapies. The less aggressive strategies suggested to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to explore the presence of a prothrombotic state, fibrinolytic dysfunction and inflammation in impaired glucose tolerance subjects, by evaluating serum markers of thrombosis, fibrinolysis and inflammation. METHODS In 48 consecutive adults, 25 patients with impaired glucose tolerance (nine men and 16 women, 50.0 ± 9.2(More)
Objective. To evaluate the impact of oxidative stress on vascular reactivity to vasoconstrictors and on nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability in saphenous vein (SV) graft with endothelial dysfunction from hypertensive patients (HT). Methods. Endothelial function, vascular reactivity, oxidative state, nitrites and NO release were studied in isolated SV rings(More)
Raul Altman, Hector L. Luciardi, Juan Muntaner, Fatima Del Rio, Sofia G. Berman, Ruben Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Unstable Angina Treatment-2 (NUT-2) Pilot Study Coronary Syndromes Without ST-Segment Elevation : The Nonsteroidal Efficacy Assessment of Meloxicam, a Preferential Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor, in Acute Print ISSN: 0009-7322. Online ISSN:(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to explore the presence of a prothrombotic state in the early stages of chronic Chagas' disease by evaluating serum markers of thrombosis and fibrinolysis. PATIENTS AND METHOD Forty-two patients with chronic Chagas' disease (12 men and 30 women, 32.5 6.7 years) were compared with 21 healthy volunteers (10 men and 11(More)
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