Juan A. Delgado San Martin

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Precision-cut slices of in vivo tumours permit interrogation in vitro of heterogeneous cells from solid tumours together with their native microenvironment. They offer a low throughput but high content in vitro experimental platform. Using mouse models as surrogates for three common human solid tumours, we describe a standardised workflow for systematic(More)
Subcutaneous tumour xenograft volumes are generally measured using callipers. This method is susceptible to inter- and intra-observer variability and systematic inaccuracies. Non-invasive 3D measurement using ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have been considered, but require immobilization of the animal. An infrared-based 3D time-of-flight(More)
UNLABELLED It is challenging to evaluate how tumour pathophysiology influences nanomedicine therapeutic effect; however, this is a key question in drug delivery. An advanced analytical method was developed to quantify the spatial distribution of drug-induced effect in tumours with varied stromal morphologies. The analysis utilises standard(More)
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