Juan A. Carvajal

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In this study, different combinations of 2-step, discontinuous gradient centrifugation were used, consisting of three different combinations of isotonic Percoll (45/60, 60/75 and 45/90%) that allowed us to select different sperm subpopulations from fertile and normozoospermic boars. Our objective in this study is to evaluate the effects of centrifugation(More)
The present study was developed to evaluate multiparous sow reproductive performance and backflow in post-cervical artificial insemination (post-CAI) using a reduced number of sperm than in cervical artificial insemination (CAI). The experimental groups were divided into sows inseminated by: 1) cervical artificial insemination (CAI): 3×10(9) spermatozoa/80(More)
This paper evaluates different wavelet-based cross-spectral image fusion strategies adopted to merge visible and infrared images. The objective is to find the best setup independently of the evaluation metric used to measure the performance. Quantitative performance results are obtained with state of the art approaches together with adaptations proposed in(More)
We developed a study using low dose radioactive iodine creating an animal model of transient elevation of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Male derived bone marrow cells were transplanted to asses their effect on thyroid function and their capability to repair the thyroid parenchyma. At 40 an 80 days after I131 treatment, the study groups TSH and T4 serum(More)
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