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The short-term influence (5-180 min) of 50 microM Al on cell division was investigated in root tips of two Zea mays L. varieties differing in Al-resistance. The incorporation of bromodeoxyuridine into S-phase nuclei was visualized by immunofluorescence staining using confocal laser fluorescence microscopy. In Al-sensitive plants 5 min Al exposure was enough(More)
The role of defence gene expression triggered by Cd toxicity in the plant’s response to Botrytis cinerea was investigated in Arabidopsis thaliana Columbia 0. Silicon (0 or 1.5 mM) and Cd (0, 1 or 10 μM) were supplied to 3-month-old solution-cultured plants. After 3 days, half of the plants of each treatment were inoculated with Botrytis. Supplied Cd(More)
Differences in Cd accumulation and Cd tolerance between Thlaspi arvense ecotype Aigues Vives (AV) from a commercial grower in South France and ecotype Jena collected in the polluted urban area of Jena (Germany) were reported here. Ecotype Jena exhibited considerable Cd-tolerance. Shoot and root masses were unaffected and root elongation was even enhanced by(More)
Sensitivity to Erysiphe in Noccaea praecox with low metal supply is related to the failure in enhancing SA. Cadmium protects against fungal-infection by direct toxicity and/or enhanced fungal-induced JA signaling. Metal-based defense against biotic stress is an attractive hypothesis on evolutionary advantages of plant metal hyperaccumulation. Metals may(More)
In this study we present a highly versatile and easily configurable system for measuring plant electrophysiological parameters and ionic flow rates, connected to a computer-controlled highly accurate positioning device. The modular software used allows easy customizable configurations for the measurement of electrophysiological parameters. Both the(More)
The Artificial Intelligence & Cultural Heritage (AI & CH) working group was born in 1999 with the aim at promoting various scientific activities to increase a more active collaboration between the sectors of cultural assets and artificial intelligence. The many events (workshops and schools) organized over the years have shown the validity of this group for(More)
KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION AS LEARNING Any dictionary definition suggests that learning involves the acquisition of knowledge or behaviour. Chris Thornton, in a thought provoking essay suggests that learning tasks must be presented in the form of example association pairs (Thornton 2000). Consequently, he defines all learning tasks in terms of mapping. A learner(More)
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