Juan A. Barceló

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We prove some local smoothing estimates for the Schrödinger initial value problem with data in L 2 (R d), d ≥ 2 and a general class of potentials. In the repulsive setting we have to assume just a power like decay (1 + |x|) −γ for some γ > 0. Also attractive perturbations are considered. The estimates hold for all time and as a consequence a weak dispersion(More)
The inverse conductivity problem deals with the determination of the conductivity γ in the interior of a domain Ω appearing on the equation div(γ∇u) = 0 from the measurements of u and ∂u ∂ν at the boundary ∂Ω (Dirichlet-to-Neumann map Λγ). A survey of the problem is done. We show the main results and techniques since the original and pioneering work of A.(More)
We will study the inverse scattering problem for the Navier equation in elasticity with live loads. We give the definition of a Born approximation of the load from backscattering data. We will see that in 2D, for non-smooth load matrices the main singularities of the matrices are in fact contained in their Born approximations. The singularities are measured(More)
The Artificial Intelligence & Cultural Heritage (AI & CH) working group was born in 1999 with the aim at promoting various scientific activities to increase a more active collaboration between the sectors of cultural assets and artificial intelligence. The many events (workshops and schools) organized over the years have shown the validity of this group for(More)
The basis of this research project is the computer simulation of the emergence of ethnicity and cultural differentiation in prehistoric hunter-gatherer groups. Instead of working directly on a universal theoretical model, we have preferred a predictive simulation of a historical case (ancient Patagonia) where the knowledge about the simulated social system(More)
We introduce here our research project on the simulation of the historical trajectory of Patagonian societies since 13000 BP until the present. It pretends to be an explanatory simulation model whose aim is to identify yet unknown relationships and interactions that could have been present in the history of those societies, but we do not have any(More)