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This study investigated the prevalence of osteoporosis and its associated factors in old men with T2DM to identify risk factors for low BMD. We enrolled 93 old men (≥60 years of age) with T2DM and 125 healthy old men (controls) and collected data of their lifestyle, medical history, bone densitometry, body weight, height, and blood pressure. Blood samples(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes has been associated with increased risk of fracture and impaired fracture healing. The aim of this study was to examine the influence of diabetes on perioperative complications, length of stay and ambulatory ability recovery in individuals with hip fracture, and to determine whether changes could be made to improve treatment outcome. (More)
The relationship between the impurity structures and the electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) parameters D, (a-F) have been studied by diagonalizing the complete energy matrices for Mn2+ ion in [Mg(H2O)6]SnCl6 single crystal in a trigonal ligand field within a weak-field-representation. It is shown that the local lattice structure around Mn2+ ion in(More)
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