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Flavonoids glycosides from ginkgo are widely applied in pharmaceutical, food, daily necessities and other areas due to their variety of biological activities. To overcome the shortcoming of current methods of time wasting, complex operation and expensive costs, an accuracy, low costs and fast determination method was established for flavonoids glycosides(More)
Previous studies suggested that β-blockers with adjunctive α1-blocking activities warrant renoprotective function other than the therapeutic effect on hypertension. The current report is designed to dissect the role of TJ0711, a novel β-blocker with a 1:1 ratio for the β1/α1 blocking activities, in renoprotection in SHR rats. It was noted that TJ0711(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of Kurarinone on renal tubular epithelial cell-mesenchyma (ECM) trans-differentiation in rats with renal interstitial fibrosis and to explore its possible mechanisms. METHODS The rat model of renal interstitial fibrosis was established by unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO). Sprague-Dawley male rats were randomly divided(More)
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