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In this paper, a new image-denoising filter that is based on the standard median (SM) filter is proposed. In our method, a threshold and the standard median is used to detect noise and change the original pixel value to a newer that is closer to or the same as the standard median. We also incorporate the center weighted median (CWM) filter in our method.(More)
Most students always lack of experience and perceive difficult regarding problem posing. The study hypothesized that worked examples may have benefits for supporting students' problem posing activities. A quasi-experiment was conducted in the context of a business mathematics course for examining the effects of integrating worked examples into problem(More)
Multi-Gbps serial link transmitter for both off-chip and on-chip transmission are presented. For off-chip transmission, a new pre-emphasis design methodology and circuits for a 4/2 PAM transmitter over cable are proposed. A test chip of transmitter with pre-emphasis, PLL circuit and on-chip termination resistors is implemented using tsmc 0.18 um CMOS(More)
In this paper, a novel lossy image compression scheme suitable for fast window query which is based on Hilbert curve and VQ is proposed. It allows us to perform window query directly on the compressed code of a gray-level image without decompressing the full compressed image first. The compression effect achieved by our method is also excellent. According(More)
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