Ju Young Cheon

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Recent molecular studies indicate two different genetic pathways leading to the development of glioblastoma; final progression of astrocytoma and de novo formation. To define the mutual relationships of cytogenetic changes in the pathogenesis of glioblastoma, molecular histopathologic alterations of p53 and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) were(More)
A case of xanthoma of the liver in a 61-year-old Korean woman with multiple myeloma, hyperlipidemia and xanthoma of the skin is described. Microscopically, the liver showed a multiple xanthomatous collection of foamy histiocytes as well as diffuse sinusoidal infiltration of the foam cells. This hepatic accumulation of foam cells seems to be related to(More)
[Purpose] Although the Push-Up Plus is a useful exercise method for shoulder stabilization, few studies have examined its effects at different angles of shoulder rotation. Therefore, the present study investigated the most effective exercise method for shoulder stabilization by analyzing muscle activities of the rotator cuff muscles at different angles of(More)
We recently experienced a 43-year-old man with a large, multiloculated, cystic tumor that appeared on the pelvis. The tumor was composed of glands and cysts lined by prostatic-type epithelium and attached microscopically to the prostate by a pedicle. The prostatic nature of the lesions was confirmed by immunohistochemical staining of epithelium for prostate(More)
To investigate the histopathological characteristics of inverted papillomas of the urinary bladder, including the possibility of malignant transformation, we studied the indicators of cellular proliferation activity in 7 inverted papillomas of the bladder including two cases of malignant inverted papilloma of the bladder. PCNA expression rates in two cases(More)
Hyperlipidaemia and hypercholesterolaemia are risk factors of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. The reference range of lipids during pregnancy has not yet been clearly set. This study sought to measure lipid parameters and pentraxin (PTX) 3 levels in low-risk pregnant women. The participants had serial blood samples taken between their 6th-9th(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between placenta and perinatal outcomes, in preterm infants born to mothers with preterm premature rupture of fetal membrane (PPROM). METHODS We report detailed histology of placentas and perinatal outcomes of infants from 79 PPROM pregnancies. Placental histologic pattern and adverse perinatal outcomes were(More)
We present a case of a fetal adrenal hemorrhage, a rare disease in fetal life, detected prenatally at 36 weeks' gestation by ultrasound. Routine ultrasound examination at 36 weeks' gestation by primary obstetrician showed a cyst on the fetal suprarenal area. Initially, the suspected diagnosis was a fetal adrenal hemorrhage, but we should diagnose(More)
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