Ju Yong Park

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Surface ultrastructure of Parvatrema timondavidi developmental stages was studied using a scanning electron microscope. The metacercariae were collected from the marine clam. Tapes philippinarum, and juvenile and adult worms were recovered at 1, 2, 3 and 7 days after experimental infection of mice. The metacercariae had a large oral sucker and(More)
The aim of this study is to consider breast imagery in art as depicted through western painting. Twenty western art paintings were collated. Most of the sample paintings were created from the mid-nineteenth century to the late twentieth century and some are from the Renaissance period. Ten anthropometric items were used to measure 15 distances between two(More)
PURPOSE The use of graft tissue fixation using bioabsorbable interference screws (BISs) in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction offers various advantages, but limited pullout strength. Therefore, additional tibial fixation is essential for aggressive rehabilitation. We hypothesized that additional graft tissue fixation using bioabsorbable suture(More)
multiband modeling of quantum electron transport through layered semiconductor devices, catalyst activity of water-assisted growth of single walled carbon nanotube forest characterization by a statistical and macroscopic approach, ABSTRACT: A high-performance millimeter-wave feed, designed for a broad-band radiometry application is presented. The feed(More)
tions has compatible performance characteristics to the conventional ceramic components. However, the fabricated FBAR du-plexer is much smaller size and volume than the ceramic one. The demonstrated FBAR filter and duplexer are also promising for integrated and miniaturized filter banks, RF FEM (Front-End Module), and RF transceiver module. ABSTRACT: This(More)
MIMO frequency hopping OFDM-CDMA : a novel uplink system for B3G cellular networks p. 8 Transient capacity evaluation of UWB ad hoc network with MIMO p. 18 Chip-by-chip iterative multiuser detection for VBLAST coded multiple-input multiple-output systems p. 26 The performance analysis of two-class priority queueing in MPLS-enabled IP network p. 34(More)
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