Ju-Ying Tsai

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Uridine monophosphate (UMP) kinase converts UMP to the corresponding UDP in the presence of metal ions and ATP and is allosterically regulated by nucleotides such as UTP and GTP. Although the UMP kinase reported to date is Mg2+-dependent, we found in this study that the UMP kinase of Helicobacter pylori had a preference for Mn2+ over Mg2+, which may be(More)
Elevated cathepsin S (Cat S) level is correlated with higher migration ability in tumor cells. This study investigates the inhibitory effect of novel synthetic α-ketoamide compounds on cathepsin activity and cancer cell migration. The effect of several α-ketoamide compounds on the activity of recombinant cathepsins (Cat S, Cat L and Cat K) was examined. Two(More)
Clustered DNA damage other than double-strand breaks (DSBs) can be detrimental to cells and can lead to mutagenesis or cell death. In addition to DSBs induced by ionizing radiation, misrepair of non-DSB clustered damage contributes extra DSBs converted from DNA misrepair via pathways for base excision repair and nucleotide excision repair. This study aimed(More)
Abundant clinical evidences indicate that up-regulation of several cathepsins in many human cancers is correlated with malignant progression and poor patient prognosis. In addition, a decrease in catalase activity or accumulation of hydrogen peroxide correlates with cancer metastasis. Recent studies indicate that cathepsin activation and expression can be(More)
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