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A novel zero-voltage and zero-current-switching (ZVZCS) full-bridge pulsewidth modulation converter is presented to simplify the circuits of the previously presented ZVSCS converters. A simple auxiliary circuit, which consists of one small capacitor and two small diodes, is added in the secondary to provides ZVZCS conditions to primary switches, as well as(More)
This paper presents 50 kVA active load with low loss, which regenerate the power to utility. To make the regenerative load, 3 phase back to back inverter using DSP320C33 have been made and tested. One inverter control the power flow of the test system and the other control the regeneration of the power to utility. It could be used as a nonlinear load,(More)
A variety of applications using ultrasonic transducer is operating at high power in a low frequency range in industry. The resonance frequency shift and electrical impedance change is a common phenomenon in the application of high-power ultrasonic transducer. In order to achieve a stable or consistent results, it is important to track the resonance(More)
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