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This paper describes a novel microbend fiber optic sensor system for respiratory monitoring and respiratory gating in the MRI environment. The system enables the noninvasive real-time monitoring and measurement of breathing rate and respiratory/body movement pattern of healthy subjects inside the MRI gantry, and has potential application in(More)
— This paper presents a smart cushion for real time heart rate monitoring. The cushion comprises of an integrated micro-bending fiber sensor, which records the BCG (Ballistocardiogram) signal without direct skin-electrode contact, and an optical transceiver that does signal amplification , digitization, and pre-filtering. To remove the arti-facts and(More)
Opportunistic ambient sensing involves placement of sensors appropriately so that intermittent contact can be made unobtrusively for gathering physiological signals for vital signs. In this paper, we discuss the results of our quality processing system used to extract heart rate from ballisto-cardiogram signals obtained from a micro-bending fiber optic(More)
We report results from a clinical trial for monitoring respiration and cardiac activity of patients during sleep using microbend fiber sensor. This sensor is used to acquire respiratory and heart beat information. We have collected reference data from standard Polysomnography and data from microbend fiber sensor on 22 patients. A new algorithm is developed(More)
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