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The secondary metabolites of higher plants include diverse chemicals, such as alkaloids, isoprenoids and phenolic compounds (phenylpropanoids and flavonoids). Although these compounds are widely used in human health and nutrition, at present they are mainly obtained by extraction from plants and extraction yields are low because most of these metabolites(More)
Glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) is an enzyme that catalyses the conversion of l-glutamate into γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is a four-carbon non-protein amino acid present in all organisms. Although plant GAD plays important roles in GABA biosynthesis, our knowledge concerning GAD gene family members and their evolutionary relationship remains limited.(More)
Potassium transporters belonging to the KT/HAK/KUP family play an important role in plant growth, development, mineral nutrition, and stress adaptation. In this study, we identified 19 KT/HAK/KUP family genes in tomato, distributed on 10 chromosomes, by using bioinformatics methods. A complete overview of the KT/HAK/KUP (SlHAK) genes in tomato is presented,(More)
OBJECTIVES Dokhwaljihwang-tang, one of the prescriptions in Four Constitution medicine, has been used to treat neurological disorders. This work was aimed to examine the effect of Dokhwaljihwang-tang on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory cytokine production in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from the lesser yang subjects. METHODS The inflammatory(More)
This paper proposes software bridge mechanism which supports the UPnP, discovery protocol of various wireless devices. Using the proposed bridge mechanism, the user would be able to use diverse contents through heterogeneous devices according to his or her choice. In this paper, porting was done to Android platform in order to verify the proposed(More)
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