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The horticultural trade is an important pathway for the introduction and spread of invasive gastropods because potted plants are essentially portable microhabitats, which protect snails and slugs, especially buried eggs and juveniles, from desiccation and molluscicides. The identification of a drench or dip treatment would therefore be an important(More)
Rice blast disease caused by Magnaporthe oryzae is one of the most devastating fungal diseases of rice and results in a huge loss of rice productivity worldwide. During the infection process, M. oryzae secretes a large number of glycosyl hydrolase proteins into the host apoplast to digest the cell wall and facilitate fungal ingression into host tissues. In(More)
Osmotic stress is induced by several environmental stresses such as drought, cold and salinity. Osmotic stress may finally leads to oxidative damage, ionic imbalance and growth inhibition in plants. Gene expression analyses indicated that ZAT10 transcription factor, a novel substrate of Arabidopsis MPKs, could be induced by environmental stresses that(More)
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