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Adolescents' Attachments to Parents, Teachers, and Friends, and Delinquencies
This study investigated the effects of the adolescents' attachm ents to parents, teachers, and friends on delinquencies. Partic ipants were 3449 adolescents in middle and high school (2003-2006 paneExpand
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The Investigation of Protective Factors and Risk Factors in Elementary Students' Life Satisfaction Using Data Mining
This study aimed to investigate protective factors and risk factors in elementary students' life satisfaction. Participants were 2844 (1524 boys, 1320 girls) children who grades were 4th, 5th, 6th inExpand
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A Forecast Model on Vocational High School for Runaway Students Using Data Mining
This study was conducted to evaluate a forecast model designed to describe a vocational high school for runaway students. The study included 2000 adolescents from the KEEP(Korean Education andExpand
Effects of Individual Self-Regulated Cognitive Strategies and Public Education on Academic Achievement : Application of the Hierarchical Linear Model
This study used Hierarchical Linear Modeling analysis to investigate the effects of individual self-regulated cognitive strategies and public education on middle school students' academicExpand
Protective-stabilizing function of parenting process and school process in the Relationship Between Adolescents' academic achievement and self-evaluation
The study examined the effects of parenting process(supportive and involving mother-adolescent relationship, father-adolescent relationship) and school process(teachers' support, school lifeExpand
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The Influence of Family Resources on Adolescents' Academic Achievement : Focusing on the Difference in Mediating Effects Size between Parenting and Private Education
This study investigated the influence of family resources on adolescents' academic achievement, and analyzed the differencesin mediating effects between parenting and private education. TheExpand
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Career Maturity of Elementary School Students : Trajectories and Predictors of Change
This study investigated trajectories of change in the career maturity of elementary school students and of attachment to parents and academic achievement as predictors of change. The 2844Expand
Trajectories of Change in Internalizing and Externalizing Problems in Adolescence:Latent Growth Curve Modeling
This study examined the influence of attachment to parents, parents' monitoring, and deviant peers on trajectories of internalizing and externalizing problems in adolescence. Participants wereExpand
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Longitudinal Relationships between Academic Achievement and Self-Esteem Using Cross-Lagged Autoregressive Modeling
This longitudinal study investigated the causal relationships between academic achievement and self-esteem using data from a 4-year investigation(2003-2006). Academic achievements and self-esteemExpand
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