Ju Qian

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The quality of internetware software is significantly associated with class structure. As software evolves, changes often introduce many unrelated responsibilities to the same classes or distribute tightly-related methods in different classes. These changes make the classes difficult to understand and maintain. Extract class refactoring is an effective(More)
With the keyword synchronized, Java provides a simple but often over-used synchronization mechanism. Many programmers tend to use a big synchronized section to protect a large block of statements even if many of them are unnecessarily synchronized. Such coarse-gained synchronizations may increase lock contention and thereby decrease the performance of a(More)
Mobile applications usually can only access limited amount of memory. Improper use of the memory can cause memory leaks, which may lead to performance slowdowns or even cause applications to be unexpectedly killed. Although a large body of research has been devoted into the memory leak diagnosing techniques after leaks have been discovered, it is still(More)
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