Ju Pyo Hong

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Wafer level surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter package, 0.8times0.6 mm<sup>2</sup>, is drilled by laser via process. Via formation for interconnection is based on smaller package manufacture. LT (LiTaO<sub>3</sub>) which is base material of SAW filter is difficult to drill a small via by RIE (Reactive Ion Etching) because the RIE gets a very small etch rate(More)
This paper address a low power, high speed class AB buffer amplifier topology for liquid crystal display applications which offer a rail to rail common mode input range. The presented circuit use two comparator circuit inside it to enhance the slewing capabilities with a limited power consumption and it draw a very small quiescent current during static(More)
The new packaging approach for crystal resonator with quartz crystal is described in this paper. We designed and optimized the structure of wafer level crystal unit package for low cost and high performance with 2.0×1.6×0.45 mm<sup>3</sup> size. The crystal unit package is reduced in size and thickness by using a 4" wafer level package technique of general(More)
In order to predict warpage of chip-in-substrate package, finite element analysis was carried out with modeling layers in chip and substrate and effective thermoelastic properties. The effects of design parameters such as pattern on the gap between chip and cavity, number of circuit layers, thickness and face direction of the chip, and gap width were(More)
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