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UV light induces a delayed and prolonged (3-20 h) activation of NFkappaB when compared with the immediate and acute (10-90 min) activation of NFkappaB in response to tumor necrosis factor alpha treatment. In the early phase (3-12 h) of NFkappaB activation, UV light reduces inhibitor of NFkappaB (IkappaB) through an IkappaB kinase-independent, but(More)
Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause inflammation, premature skin aging, and cancer. UV irradiation alters the expression of multiple genes that encode functions to repair DNA damage, arrest cell growth, and induce apoptosis. In addition, UV irradiation inhibits protein synthesis, although the mechanism is not known. In this report, we show that UV(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Goblet cell carcinoid, a rare tumor of intermediate malignant potential, is known to account for a significant minority of appendiceal neoplasms. Sixteen new cases of gastrointestinal goblet cell carcinoid were reviewed to describe their presentation, treatment, and outcome. METHODS A review of 16 cases from a single institution.(More)
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