Ju Li

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The use of microarray technology to perform parallel analysis of the expression pattern of a large number of genes in a single experiment has created a new frontier of medical research. The vast amount of gene expression data generated from multiple microarray experiments requires a robust database system that allows efficient data storage, retrieval,(More)
Recent developments in multiscale computation allow the solution of coarse equations for the expected macroscopic behavior of microscopically evolving particles without ever obtaining these coarse equations in closed form. The closure is obtained on demand through appropriately initialized bursts of microscopic simulation. The effective coupling of(More)
The climatology of high wind events in the Owens Valley, California, a deep valley located just east of the southern Sierra Nevada, is described using data from six automated weather stations distributed along the valley axis in combination with the North American Regional Reanalysis dataset. Potential mechanisms for the development of strong winds in the(More)
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