Ju-Hyung Kim

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There are many interests and researches among an industry as IT develops. It is important to use information effectively and adequately as applying IT to industry because IT provides an innovative strategy for the enterprise. In case of manufacturing industry, many business solutions (e.g. SCM, CRM, ERP, PLM etc) have developed for years. However in case of(More)
Pre-planning stage is a most important stage to determine the success of the project throughout the construction lifecycle. Therefore, all information generated from the pre-planning stage must be processed and retained in the format which all the project participants can share. Furthermore, using object-oriented attributes and meta-data in BIM (Building(More)
Organic/metal interfaces play crucial roles in the formation of intermolecular networks on metal surfaces and the performance of organic devices. Although their purity and uniformity have profound effects on the operation of organic devices, the formation of organic thin films with high interfacial uniformity on metal surfaces has suffered from the(More)
Manipulating the speed of light has never been more exciting since electromagnetic induced transparency and its classical analogs led to slow light. Here, we report the manipulation of light group velocity in a terahertz metamaterial without needing a dark resonator, but utilizing instead two concentric split-ring bright resonators (meta-atoms) exhibiting a(More)
Keywords: System dynamics Housing supply–demand Unsold new housing stocks a b s t r a c t Unsold new housing stocks may be closely related to housing market fluctuation, especially the difference between housing supply and demand, which is influenced by macroeconomic conditions. These factors simultaneously influence developers' investment decisions and,(More)
Urban renewals in an area or district consist of multiple facilities construction projects, and thus, should be managed as a program. Successful program management is enabled by seamless information of subprojects during its whole lifecycle. In the aspect of data management, program is differentiated with project by its own management structure. Specified(More)
In ubiquitous environments, the content adaptable services can be dynamically provided to adapt the frequent changes of contexts. These services have common things that the kinds of context factors are limited to ubiquitous environment, though the contexts are flexible. To reuse service architecture can be reasonable for effective adaptable service. In this(More)
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