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The real time 3D graphics becomes one of the attractive applications for 3G wireless terminals although their battery lifetime and memory bandwidth limit the system resources for graphics processing. Instead of using the dedicated hardware engine with complex functions, we propose an efficient hardware architecture of low power vertex shader with(More)
The optimal architecture of personal digital assistants (PDA) system for real-time 3D graphics was analyzed by simulating the 3D applications on the various Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) processor platforms. Simulation results show that for 256x256 screen resolution, even the performance of 200MHz StrongARM with 160MHz floating point unit (FPU) shows only(More)
As mobile applications are moving to realtime multimedia, more functions are integrated into handheld devices [1-4]. Unlike the realtime decoding of MPEG-4 video [1,4], the performances of hardware-accelerated 3D solutions designed for mobile platforms are still below the market demands showing only limited shading operations [2,3]. Since the realization of(More)
— A 3D computer graphics (3DCG) library with energy-efficient cache architecture is implemented for mobile multimedia systems. The developed library is based on fixed-point arithmetic for low energy consumption. To achieve high performance, the library is optimized at both of the assembly and the algorithm levels on 3 different Advanced RISC Machines (ARM)(More)
A low-power 3D rendering engine with 2 texture units and 29Mb embedded DRAM is designed and integrated into an LSI for portable 3G multimedia terminals. Texture-mapped 3D graphics with perspective-correct address calculation and bilinear MIPMAP filtering can be realized while consuming the low power with the help of clock gating, precision-controlled(More)
In this research, a fixed-point multimedia co-processor is designed and tested into an ARM-10 based mobile graphics processor for portable 2D and 3D multimedia applications. The fixed-point co-processor architecture with dual operations realizes advanced 3D graphics algorithms and various streaming multimedia functions in a single hardware while consuming(More)
— A 195mW, 9.1Mvertices/s fully programmable 3D graphics engine is designed and implemented in 0.13μm CMOS process for mobile devices. The power-optimized unified shader architecture provides high performance programmable vertex shading and programmable pixel shading with 35% area and 28% power reduction. The logarithmic lighting engine and specialized(More)
A low-power graphics LSI is designed and implemented for mobile multimedia applications. The LSI contains a 32bit RISC processor with enhanced MAC, a 3D rendering engine, programmable power optimizer, and 29Mb embedded DRAM. Full 3D graphics pipeline featuring 264Mtexels/s texture-mapped 3D graphics as well as 2D MPEG-4 video decoding can be realized while(More)