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Cache compression has been studied to increase the effective cache size by storing the cache blocks in a compressed form in the cache. However, it also generates additional write operations during the compressing and compacting of cache blocks. Since increasing the write operations leads to a surging of dynamic energy consumption and a shortening of the(More)
Non-volatile memories (NVMs), such as STT-RAM and PCM, have recently become very competitive designs for last-level caches (LLCs). To avoid cache pollution caused by unnecessary write operations, many cache-bypassing methods have been introduced. Among them, SBAC (a statistics-based cache bypassing method for asymmetric-access caches) is the most recent(More)
A brown tumor is a benign fibrotic, erosive bony lesion caused by localized, rapid osteoclastic turnover, resulting from hyperparathyroidism. Although brown tumors are one of the most pathognomonic signs of primary hyperparathyroidism, they are rarely seen in clinical practice. In this report, we present a case of 20-year-old woman with recurrent fractures(More)
In this paper, we propose Word Selective Line Buffer (WSLB) which takes advantages from the line buffer and sub-banking cache. Our proposed WSLB cache includes two significant features that are Address Latch Register (ALR) and Variable Length Sub-Banking (VLSB). ALR can make reduction of energy dissipation by eliminating access TLB while the line buffer and(More)