Ju Hee Choi

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Cache compression has been studied to increase the effective cache size by storing the cache blocks in a compressed form in the cache. However, it also generates additional write operations during the compressing and compacting of cache blocks. Since increasing the write operations leads to a surging of dynamic energy consumption and a shortening of the(More)
BACKGROUND Leukocyte reduction filters are widely used for platelet transfusion therapy, and effective leukocyte removal is mandatory for transfusion safety. We evaluated both the performance of leukocyte reduction filters for platelets and the effect of filtration on platelet function. METHODS A total of 100 pooled products (eight platelet concentrates(More)
We have developed a process for fabricating monodisperse noble metal/rare earth disilicide core-shell nanoparticles and nanowires in regular arrays on Si(001) with a density of 5 x 10(10) / cm2, and over areas > 1 mm2. Pt deposited via physical vapor deposition on a self-assembled rare earth disilicide nanowire template combined with reactive ion etching(More)
Non-volatile memories (NVMs), such as STT-RAM and PCM, have recently become very competitive designs for last-level caches (LLCs). To avoid cache pollution caused by unnecessary write operations, many cache-bypassing methods have been introduced. Among them, SBAC (a statistics-based cache bypassing method for asymmetric-access caches) is the most recent(More)
In this paper, we propose Word Selective Line Buffer (WSLB) which takes advantages from the line buffer and sub-banking cache. Our proposed WSLB cache includes two significant features that are Address Latch Register (ALR) and Variable Length Sub-Banking (VLSB). ALR can make reduction of energy dissipation by eliminating access TLB while the line buffer and(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Infective endocarditis involving the tricuspid valve is an uncommon condition, and a consequent haemothorax associated with pulmonary embolism is extremely rare. Particularly, there are no guidelines for the management of this complication. We describe a rare case of pulmonary embolism and infarction followed by a haemothorax due to(More)
Hybrid cache architectures (HCAs) containing both SRAM and non-volatile memory (NVM) have been proposed to overcome the disadvantages of NVM-based cache architecture. Most previous works have concentrated on managing write-intensive blocks by storing these blocks to SRAM to reduce the number of the write operations to NVM. However, they have not focused on(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term durable glycemic control is a difficult goal in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). We evaluated the factors associated with durable glycemic control in a real clinical setting. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 194 new-onset, drug-naïve patients with T2DM who were diagnosed between January 2011(More)