Ju Fu Peng

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Understanding the particle number size distributions in diversified atmospheric environments is important in order to design mitigation strategies related to submicron particles and their effects on regional air quality, haze and human health. In this study, we conducted 15 different field measurement campaigns between 2007 and 2011 at 13 individual sites(More)
Many mobile devices embeds Global positioning system (GPS) to enable tour navigation or path programming. Those low-cost consumer-grade GPS receivers usually do not have high accuracy so that a position correction algorithm is therefore necessary. This paper proposed a correction technique using genetic programming. This technique requires only two GPS(More)
Consumer-grade global positioning system (GPS) becomes common and popular in these days because of its low cost along with acceptable accuracy. A GPS receiver cannot always obtain precise position because it affected by errors from either satellites or the receiver itself. Many researchers proposed effective approaches to improve positioning accuracy of GPS(More)
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