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Radio frequency identification (RFID) applications have the potential to increase the reliability of healthcare environments. However, there are obvious security and privacy concerns with regard to storing personal and medical data in RFID tags, and the lack of secure authentication systems in healthcare environments remains as a challenge the further use(More)
The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of customer participation in the service delivery process by designing and testing an empirical model with the customers' point of view in mind. Data are collected in the context of professional financial insurance services. The proposed model is analyzed with partial least squares (PLS) path modeling in(More)
Knowledge flow is one of the critical subjects of knowledge management (KM); indeed, it's also a challenging task for improving KM performance because the property of knowledge itself is hardly flowing in nature, especially, in an organization with volume and different members. Differ from those management activities with information technology such as ERP;(More)
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