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The present prospective study was conducted at two urban slums of Delhi, Kusumpur Pahari and Kathputly Colony, in the peak winter season from November 1994 through February 1995. We studied 642 infants to determine the incidence of acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) and its relationship to indoor air pollution due to fuel used for cooking (wood or(More)
Primary health centres provide health care to the majority of the population in developing countries. A drug utilization study was conducted for 1 y at two primary health centres in Pondicherry, India. Information on complaints, diagnosis and drugs prescribed was collected. From the 2953 prescriptions studied, it was found that on an average each patient(More)
Three flavonoids viz: gossypin, epicatechin and hydroxyethyl rutosides were evaluated for their effect on small intestinal transit in mice. All the three flavonoids delayed the small intestinal transit in a dose-dependent manner. Naloxone, yohimbine and phentolamine antagonized the inhibitory effect of flavonoids, while it was not altered by prazosin,(More)
Prior to 1994, most Delhi hospitals and dispensaries experienced constant shortages of essential medicines. There was erratic prescribing of expensive branded products, frequent complaints about poor drug quality and low patient satisfaction. Delhi took the lead in developing a comprehensive Drug Policy in 1994 and was the only Indian state to have such a(More)
In the past few years, literature has accumulated describing manifestation of seizures following administration of certain antidepressants. Such reports are of particular importance because depression is a frequent psychiatric problem associated with epilepsy. Therefore, in the view of the fact that NMDA receptor antagonists have been reported to reduce(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the efficacy and tolerability of prochlorperazine (PCZ) management of acute migraine. DESIGN AND METHODS A double blind comparative study was conducted to assess the efficacy of buccal PCZ 3 mg compared with oral ergotamine tartarate 1 mg plus caffeine 100 mg (ERG) or placebo (buccal or oral) for treatment of acute migraine. In all,(More)
The neurohypophyseal hormone vasopressin (AVP) is widely distributed throughout the central nervous system. It acts as an excitatory transmitter in the CNS and plays an important physiological role in water and electrolyte homeostasis. However, water deprivation has been shown to induce changes in the levels of monoamines, but there is little knowledge(More)
Metoclopramide produced significant analgesic activity when tested by acetic acid induced writhing assay. Repeated injections of metoclopramide did not result in the development of tolerance to its analgesic activity. Pretreatment with metoclopramide antagonised acute morphine tolerance and suppressed the withdrawal signs (both in acute dependence type and(More)