Jremy Elson

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Recently, increasing research attention has been directed toward wireless sensor networks: collections of small, low-power nodes, physically situated in the environment, that can intelligently deliver high-level sensing results to the user. As the community has moved into more complex design efforts—large-scale, long-lived systems that truly require(More)
Along miles of riverbanks in Malaysia and Thailand there are enormous congregations of tidal fireflies blinking on and off in perfect unison Perfect means less than 10ms of one another " Today, we believe that they organize themselves—there is no lightning flash or leader. First, each firefly is rhythmic—they do not flash randomly. They have an internal(More)
Skeletal muscle has been used for biomechanical assist in experimental and clinical studies. Central to the success of these procedures is the generation of sufficient muscle force for the lifetime of the subject. Burst (tetanic) stimulation results in summation of individual twitches and generates higher power output. However, the superiority of paraneural(More)
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