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The Global Schmidt law in star forming galaxies
Measurements of Hα, H I, and CO distributions in 61 normal spiral galaxies are combined with published far-infrared and CO observations of 36 infrared-selected starburst galaxies, in order to studyExpand
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The Milky Way Tomography with SDSS. I. Stellar Number Density Distribution
Using the photometric parallax method we estimate the distances to ~48 million stars detected by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and map their three-dimensional number density distribution in theExpand
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Evolution since Z = 0.5 of the morphology-density relation for clusters of galaxies
Using traditional morphological classifications of galaxies in 10 intermediate-redshift (z similar to 0.5) clusters observed with WFPC2 on the Hubble Space Telescope, we derive relations betweenExpand
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Direct Oxygen Abundances for Low Luminosity LVL Galaxies
We present MMT spectroscopic observations of H II regions in 42 low luminosity galaxies in the Spitzer Local Volume Legacy survey. For 31 of the 42 galaxies in our sample, we were able to measure theExpand
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Optical Star Formation Rate Indicators
Using integrated optical spectrophotometry for 412 star-forming galaxies at z ~ 0, and fiber-aperture spectrophotometry for 120,846 SDSS galaxies at z ~ 0.1, we investigate the Hα λ6563, Hβ λ4861, [OExpand
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Multivalued logic gates for quantum computation
We develop a multi-valued logic for quantum computing for use in multi-level quantum systems, and discuss the practical advantages of this approach for scaling up a quantum computer. Generalizing theExpand
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The Electromagnetic Counterpart of the Binary Neutron Star Merger LIGO/Virgo GW170817. II. UV, Optical, and Near-infrared Light Curves and Comparison to Kilonova Models
NSF [AST-1411763, AST-1714498, DGE 1144152, PHY-1707954, AST-1518052]; NASA [NNX15AE50G, NNX16AC22G]; National Science Foundation; Kavli Foundation; Danish National Research Foundation; Niels BohrExpand
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The Infrared Spectra of Very Large, Compact, Highly Symmetric, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
The mid-infrared spectra of large PAHs ranging from C54H18 to C130H28 are determined computationally using density functional theory. Trends in the band positions and intensities as a function of PAHExpand
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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey monitor telescope pipeline
The photometric calibration of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is a multi-step process which involves data from three different telescopes: the 1.0-m telescope at the US Naval Observatory (USNO),Expand
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Chandra Orion Ultradeep Project: Observations and Source Lists
We present a description of the data reduction methods and the derived catalog of more than 1600 X-ray point sources from the exceptionally deep 2003 January Chandra X-Ray Observatory (Chandra)Expand
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