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Three Sides of Harberger Triangles
Harberger triangles are used to calculate the efficiency costs of taxes, government regulations, monopolistic practices, and various other market distortions. This paper considers the historicalExpand
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On the Sensitivity of R&D to Delicate Tax Changes: The Behavior of U.S. Multinationals in the 1980s
This paper explores the effect of recent U.S. tax changes on the R&D activities of American multinational corporations. Prior to 1986, U.S. multinational firms could deduct all of their domestic R&DExpand
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International Taxation and Multinational Activity
Because the actions of multinational corporations have a clear and direct effect on the flow of capital throughout the world, how and why these firms behave the way they do is a major issue forExpand
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Taxation and U.S. Multinational Investment
In 1985, nonbank U.S. multinational companies employed 24.5 million workers, had worldwide sales of almost $3.5 trillion, and net income of $150 billion on assets of $4.2 trillion. The foreignExpand
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The Flight Paths of Migratory Corporations
American corporations earn a large and growing share of their profits from their foreign operations. U.S. law taxes American corporations on their worldwide income, and in so doing may discourage newExpand
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The Tax Treatment of Structures
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