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Wildlife population models have been criticized for their narrow disciplinary perspective when analyzing complexity in coupled biological - physical - human systems. We describe a "metamodel" approach to species risk assessment when diverse threats act at different spatiotemporal scales, interact in non-linear ways, and are addressed by distinct(More)
VORTEX is provided at no cost, in order to further conservation and science. It is distributed without warranty of its suitability for any particular use, and neither the program or this manual is guaranteed to be free of errors, bugs, or potentially misleading information. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the software is appropriate for(More)
Total quality in laboratory medicine should be defined as the guarantee that each activity throughout the total testing process is correctly performed, providing valuable medical decision-making and effective patient care. In the past decades, a 10-fold reduction in the analytical error rate has been achieved thanks to improvements in both reliability and(More)
No U.S. general population-based study has characterized the epidemiology and risk factors, including skin and soft tissue infection (SSTI), for healthcare-associated (HA) and community-associated (CA) methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). We estimated the incidence of HA- and CA-MRSA and SSTI over a 9-year period using electronic health(More)
BACKGROUND Emotion is a ubiquitous aspect of humanity that governs behavior in a number of ways and is linked inextricably with health. Pausing to evaluate one's emotional state in the face of decisions and reflecting on past patterns of emotion have been shown to improve behaviors. Further, social expression of emotion has been shown to directly improve(More)
In our research, we are examining how pervasive continuous sensing and targeted ecological momentary assessment can be used to unobtrusively collect stress data, and we are designing personal health informatics that can aggregate and visualize these stress data over time and for different audiences. In this position paper, we describe our recent and ongoing(More)
BACKGROUND Antibiotic use in early life has been linked to disruptions in the microbiome. Such changes can disturb immune system development. Differences have been observed in the microbiota of children with and without allergies, but there have been few studies on antibiotic use and allergic disease. OBJECTIVE We evaluated associations of early-life(More)
The nature of the relationship between obsessive-compulsive personality and obsessive-compulsive disorder has been the subject of considerable debate. The present article dealt with clinical opinion and reviewed empirical data bearing on this issue. It was concluded that, although the two clinical entities bear a surface similarity in terms of shared(More)
We examine how social support (perceived support and support from a spouse, or committed partner) may influence pregnant women's information seeking behaviors on a pregnancy website. We assess information seeking behavior among participants in a trial testing the effectiveness of a web-based intervention for appropriate gestational weight gain. Participants(More)
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