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A set of flexible basis functions that generalizes the classical Laguerre and Kautz bases is shown to possess attractive properties when used in linear least-squares identification. Abstract-A least-squares identification method is studied that estimates a finite number of expansion coefficients in the series expansion of a transfer function, where the(More)
Using induced L₂-norm minimization, a robust controller was developed for insulin delivery in Type I diabetic patients. The high-complexity nonlinear diabetic patient Sorensen-model was considered and Linear Parameter Varying methodology was used to develop open-loop model and robust H(∞) controller. Considering the normoglycaemic set point (81.1 mg/dL), a(More)
— This paper proposes a new approach to identification of the poles in a linear system from frequency domain data. The discrete rational transfer function is represented in a rational Laguerre–basis, where the basis elements can be expressed by powers of the Blaschke–function. This function can be interpreted as a congruence transform on the Poincaré unit(More)