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The lymphocyte micronucleus assay was used to measure the average frequency of micronuclei in a population and thus assess genotoxic effects. Data from 174 persons give an average value of 16.4 +/- 7.3, and a slight age-dependence was observed. To detect combined environmental mutagen injuries the micronucleus assay was used to study the effects of metal(More)
A method for the computerized automation of micronucleus scoring is presented. The task is to identify the cultured, cytokinesis-blocked peripheral lymphocytes (CB cells) and their micronuclei (MN). The main parts of the hardware are the video camera attached to the microscope, the IBM-compatible personal computer with the video digitizer card, and the(More)
The frequencies of micronuclei in cultured cytokinesis-blocked lymphocytes of an urban industrial population of 188 persons were determined. For the mean and SD, 16.0 +/- 7.3 per 1000 CB cells were obtained. A slight but definite age dependence--appr. 0.2/1000 increase per year on average--was indicated by thorough statistical analysis.
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