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This paper presents two various approaches to decreasing effort of Internet users during searching the Internet. The focus is on a particular mapping of a web sub-graph of the nearest surroundings of an actual web page for better orientation and on interpretation of web pages content through the explanation of the meaning of concepts with the aid of the(More)
This article discusses the means of software design that gives Web search semantic character. This work focus on system Magpie. Magpie is tool that interprets contents of web pages. Magpie helps user to find relevant information from a chosen area of interest. Common Web search approaches return only web pages that contain search phrases. On the other side,(More)
Ontologies as a set of concepts and their relations have been proven useful in a wide range of areas. More importantly ontologies represent an essential technology for building semantic web applications. Help user orienting in a wide offering of ontologies on the web is at root of making Semantic Web practical. Thus, it is necessary to provide a simple,(More)
Semantic Web has reached the point where basic research is supposed to be replaced (at least partially) by research aiming at practical aspects of using the Semantic Web. Ontologies, as the essential technology in this area, have been under the spot light which produced some results, e.g. the Semantic Web Search engines like Watson, Swoogle etc. These help(More)
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