Jozef Szymanski

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Shipping from Yokohama to New York and St. Johns, Newfoundland is simulated by VSLAM for two routes: the Panama Canal, using fast and slow bluewater ships, and the Northwest Passage, using identically sized fast and slow Canadian Arctic Class (CAC) 3 ships. Each route is broken into a series of logical legs, and environmental conditions and wait times are(More)
This paper presents an automatic and fast method for creating seamless mosaics from images captured by a special aerial imaging system when imaging architectural and heritage structures. The whole scheme was made following three principles: speediness, robustness and the adaptability to the aerial image acquisition system in our project. We first extract(More)
This paper presents an automatic and robust technique for creating seamless mosaics, relying only on a set of input multiple-view images with small overlaps, sparse features and repeated deceptive objects. We first extract keypoints and match them using the SIFT algorithm, which can generate large sets of corresponding keypoints from such images. This(More)
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