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BACKGROUND In the past few years, computer-based analysis of atomic-force microscopic images has acquired increasing importance for studying biomolecules such as DNA. On the one hand, fully automated methods do not allow analysis of complex shapes; on the other hand, manual methods are usually time consuming and inaccurate. The semiautomated approach(More)
Laboratory-scale biofilters packed with a mixture of peat, bark and wood were used for xylene and toluene removal from waste air. Two kinds of peat, which differed in the resulting pH of the leachate, were chosen for degradation of the pollutants by a mixed culture. Using peat with the lower pH value, the feasibility of single and multiple pollutant loading(More)
Hypericin (Hyp) is a natural photosensitizing pigment with a possible application in the photodynamic therapy of cancer. Hyp is readily dissolved in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) but forms nonsoluble aggregates in an aqueous environment. Fluorescence spectroscopy and diffusion coefficient measurements are used to investigate the self-association of Hyp molecules(More)
The polymorphism of amyloid fibrils is potentially crucial as it may underlie the natural variability of amyloid diseases and could be important in developing a fuller understanding of the molecular basis of protein deposition disorders. This study examines morphological differences in lysozyme fibrils and the implications of these differences in terms of(More)
  • J Marek
  • 1995
A simple thermodynamic model of the main transition in pure lipid bilayers is presented. The basic relations for cooperativity, aggregation degree and fractional number of molecules are derived. The experimental heat capacity measurements of uni- and multilamellar phospholipid vesicles are analysed within the context of this model, and the transition(More)
Investigation on the volume properties of protein hydration layers is reported. Presented results are based on combination of Monte Carlo modeling and available experimental data. Six globular proteins with known data are chosen for analysis. Analyzing the model and the experimental results we found that water molecules bound to proteins by hydrogen bond(More)
The stability of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) affects production, storage and usability, especially in the clinic. The complex thermal and isothermal transitions of IgGs, especially their irreversibilities, pose a challenge to the proper determination of parameters describing their thermodynamic and kinetic stability. Here, we present a reliable mathematical(More)
We have explored an effect of Hofmeister anions, Na2SO4, NaCl, NaBr, NaNO3, NaSCN and NaClO4, on stability and amyloid fibrillization of hen egg white lysozyme at pH 2.7. The stability of the protein was analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry. The Hofmeister effect of the anions was assessed by the parameter dT trs/d[anion] (T trs, transition(More)
Deadlocks are undesirable states in resource allocation systems (RAS), a theoretical paradigm used for modelling of several application systems, e.g. exible manufacturing systems or transportation systems. Avoiding deadlocks represents a major issue in control of RAS. The banker's algorithm is one of available methods for this. It has several versions with(More)