Jozef Janitor

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The paper deals with the remote laboratory Virtual Lab solution developed at the Computer Network Laboratory (Technical university of Košice). The aim of the project is to design and implement an e-learning environment, which provides remote access to specified laboratory network devices. This project will be used in the educational process. Using(More)
Teaching and learning more abstract subjects, such as computer networks, where higher level of student’s imagination is necessary to understand advanced topics can be positively supported trough a technique called visual learning. Students can more easily understand and adapt the information from the subject, when they can visually see how it really(More)
Education as we have known is changing. Thanks to information and communication technologies we have connected and brought teachers and students together in several ways. While the modern classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards, teachers are using laptops and presentations, collaboration and team work of students is supported with Web 2.0 tools,(More)
This work deals with the means of videoconferencing systems ran by web browsers. It analyzes certain contemporary videoconferencing solutions and technologies used for multimedia streaming. It also describes the WebRTC technology terminology and presents the reader with its benefits. It sketches certain options for security enhancements for visual stream(More)
Cisco Networking Academy proves to be a viable project in the area of education of networking professionals. All educational materials are presented in English and students are required to study in English too. Our experience shown that it is worth for the students to have a localized curriculum as well. Official translations are extremely expensive. On the(More)
  • J. Janitor
  • 2011 9th International Conference on Emerging…
  • 2011
Information and communication technologies have connected and brought people together in several ways. In the last decades, the way people were able to communicate and exchange information has changed everything. As the Internet started to grow, the IP protocol became the de facto standard in networks, more and more applications have started their journey(More)
This paper deals with the optimization of data routing processes and with optimization of deployed quality of service mechanisms in computer networks. The paper addresses the problems related to requirement of monitoring and managing of network infrastructures with attention given to data routing mechanisms in network and often used QoS mechanisms. This(More)
This paper deals with the design, implementation and evaluation of a method for the reduction of IP flow information. The aim of this method is to decrease the utilization of the measuring tools based on the IPFIX protocol. The designed method was implemented in the MyBeem component of the SLAmeter network traffic monitoring tool, which is used for(More)
  • J. Janitor
  • 2013 IEEE 11th International Conference on…
  • 2013
Mobile communication is becoming more and more ubiquitous. Users require mobile devices that can be used to access applications running at corporate data-centers, either from the local intranet network, or more generally, from the Internet. Moreover, some communication paths should seamlessly migrate to new addresses, when the device is changing the access(More)