Jozef Holomáň

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AIM OF THE STUDY Investigation of the relationships between the grade and stage of chronic liver diseases irrespective of their etiology using some novel serum markers of liver fibrogenesis, the "classical" serum markers of liver necro-inflammatory injury (such as transaminases), and the histomorphological evaluation of liver biopsies. METHODS Markers of(More)
BACKGROUND Mesalazine as the treatment standard for ulcerative colitis can be applied in different galenical preparations. AIM A novel formulation of mesalazine pellets with delayed and prolonged release characteristics was compared with conventional Eudragit L-coated tablets. Furthermore, the effect of mesalazine dose escalation on nonresponders was(More)
Within an open, non-randomized clinical study, the authors investigated the effect of a three-month therapy by a standard product of so-called essential phospholipids in a group of patients (31 men and 2 women, average age being 45.6 +/- 10.8 years) with toxic liver damage--steatosis and steatohepatitis which have developed after exposure to the(More)
The aim of this study was to estimate the occurrence of the phenotype of poor metabolizers of sparteine (in the frame of sparteine-debrisoquine-dextromethorphane polymorphism) in Slovakia. The authors examined a group of 216 of healthy volunteers (73 women and 143 men, average age of the group 24, 9 +/- 0.4 years), university students coming from various(More)