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We present the results of an evaluation of the performance of the Leap Motion Controller with the aid of a professional, high-precision, fast motion tracking system. A set of static and dynamic measurements was performed with different numbers of tracking objects and configurations. For the static measurements, a plastic arm model simulating a human arm was(More)
We present an intuitive, implicit, gesture based identification system suited for applications such as the user login to home multimedia services, with less strict security requirements. The term “implicit gesture” in this work refers to a natural physical hand manipulation of the control device performed by the user, who picks it up from its neutral(More)
We present an intuitive and very easy to use implicit gesture based identification system that is especially suited for security-wise non-critical applications, such as the user login in the multimedia services. The term “implicit gesture” in our work refers to a natural physical hand manipulation performed by the user who takes hold of the(More)
Internet Protocol television (IPTV) represents the provisioning of real-time television services above IP core and access networks with various mechanisms implemented to ensure the appropriate level of quality [1]. Today, the IPTV system and services are seen as one of the key new next-generation network (NGN) services and thus, are also heavily involved in(More)
The paper presents a new dataset that captures the effect of mood on visual and auditory perception of music. With an online survey, we have collected a dataset of over 6600 responses capturing users’ mood, emotions evoked and expressed by music and the perception of color with regard to emotions and music. We describe the methodology of gathering the(More)
In this paper we present the user studies conducted as a part of an international project EU SEE TV-WEB, funded by the European Union. The project combines the traditional broadcast world with the dynamic web environment while focusing on the aspects of usability and user experience in order to provide the best possible experience for the elderly people,(More)