Joydeep Kaur

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The synthesis of total cellular as well as acid-soluble nuclear proteins and estrogen receptor is high in the uteri of young (22 weeks) and decreases to half in old (104 weeks) rats. Administration of estrogen induces the synthesis of these proteins significantly in young but shows no remarkable effect in old rats. Interestingly, a specific cytosolic(More)
The conformation of estrogen receptor (ER) and its in vitro transformation by RNase, Urea and ATP were analysed using the uteri of young (16 weeks) and old (92 weeks) rats. Following the digestion of ER with proteolytic enzymes like trypsin and chymotrypsin and the analysis of cleaved fragments by SDS-PAGE, similar pattern is observed in both ages. In vitro(More)
The binding of estrogen-receptor (ER) complex to nuclei following post-synthetic modifications of proteins was examined in the uteri of young (18 weeks) and old (96 weeks) rats. Acetylation decreases the binding of ER complex to nuclei but methylation shows no effect on the extent of binding in both ages. On the other hand, phosphorylation enhances the(More)
Odontogenic tumours are lesions derived from the epithelial and/ or mesenchymal elements of the tooth forming apparatus and are therefore found exclusively within the jaw bones. Histologically, they may resemble soft tissues of the enamel organ or dental pulp, or they may contain hard tissue elements of enamel, dentine, and/ or cementum. Lesions in this(More)
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