Joydeb Roychoudhury

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Increasing the safety of a high-speed motor used in aerospace application is a critical issue. So an intelligent fault aware control methodology is highly research motivated area, which can effectively identify the early fault of a motor from its signal characteristics. The signal classification and the control strategy with a hybrid technique are proposed(More)
The problem of failure diagnosis has received a considerable attention in the domain of reliability engineering, process control and computer science. The increasing stringent requirement of quality of a product needs considerable attention in the performance and reliability of the manufacturing system. In general, the feedback control algorithm for a(More)
This paper introduces a design and implementation of Hybrid approaches to control a wings valve using BLDC motor for a Aircraft. The control architecture consists of two layers of control, namely the opening and close speed associated control and the torque assist control. This has been realized by torque sensor and sensor interfaced in the DSP. A(More)
The main objective of the current paper is to design and validate a sub sate observer which can communicate the health status of the stitching needle to the stitch controller in right time without any false alert signal using Microcontroller and CPLD interfacing. This has been achieved through a design methodology of a fault aware controller which can(More)
This paper describes a method that uses to predict and estimation of the state-of-charge (SOC), instantaneous available power information to very accurately. We proposed a Kalman Filtering based a prediction approach which has been implemented into the Microcontroller for the real time dynamic state estimation. This paper we also proposed a Kalman Filter(More)
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