Joycer Osorio

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This article presents the improvement of a PWM technique, called Space Vector PWM (SVPWM), using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to minimize the mathematic complexity involved with the SVPWM. The latter is a pulse-width modulation technique that is wide implemented to control AC electric motors. The results obtained from this research work will be used(More)
This paper presents a study on the implementation of a Supervised Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (S-ANFIS) controller for a permanent magnet synchronous motor applied to the power train system of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). An ANFIS model implementation aims to optimize the parameters of a fuzzy system through a learning algorithm and a set of(More)
The control of the power flow in a vehicle is a preponderant task for the correct vehicle performance. Therefore in this paper is developed the implementation of a fuzzy indirect vector control for the energy management of an EV powertrain. The main energy propulsion unit is a squirrel cage induction motor and the powertrain is simulated as the connections(More)
This paper presents an extension of a generic Product Data Model (PDM) to Mass-Customization (MC) and Sustainability (S) paradigms with the aim to fulfill the requirements to support a Sustainable Mass-Customized (S-MC) product design process. The extended PDM (ePDM) is focused on a product’s Bill of Materials (BOM), which gathers the main information(More)
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